Small Group Team Building

Activities For Small Groups With Small Budgets!

Team Building For Small Groups And Small Budgets. Our Programs Are Fun And Affordable.


Intense Competition

Our office is very competitive. The Pirates Treasure Escape game was a great exercise in working

together and relying on each other. Our group completed the challenges with seconds to spare.

Nathan C. – Instructor

Real Team Building

The leader said you can’t be mad at someone when you laugh together. He was right.

This was fun and didn’t feel like team building, yet that’s what it was.

Jake T – Pilot

Working Together

A little uncomfortable at first, trying to fit in with a group I hardly knew.

By the end, we were all laughing (and bragging about the win).

Sally M. – Office Manager

Fun Event

The games were engaging and fun and the facilitator was excellent!

Our group truly enjoyed the experience.

Valerie R. – Sales Director

Choose One Of These Fun & Unique Events

“Play-Based” Team Building Designed By Industry Professionals – Why It Works

Our team bonding activities were designed by team building industry professionals to get your staff working together and improve communication while having fun. They will forget or not even realize that they are participating in an organized team building effort.

At Small Group Team Building, we offer several different programs that will help you achieve this goal. What’s more, we come to you whether your event is in your office or at an outside location. Not every company can afford the big bucks that Fortune 500 companies pay for large scale events. But you can achieve the same results and the feel good sense of camaraderie with one of our play-based, fun team building games.

It’s not always easy for folks to get along or to get to know each other. We use fun and engaging programs that often result in laughter to create an open environment, breaking down barriers and strengthening relationships.  This results in true team bonding as teams learn to work better, communicate better and enjoy each other while achieving a common goal.

Not Just for Work Groups or Office Staff – Perfect for Family Parties and Outings With Friends

Having a family gathering or a party with friends? Our “play-based” activities add a truly fun element to any private party. If you are looking for fun things to do at your next birthday party or special celebration – Small Group Team Building is perfect. We have organized games for groups of  6, or more people that will create a fun and memorable atmosphere that friends and family will look back on and remember fondly. They work great as icebreakers too. Indoors or outdoors, we have great options for adults and teens including custom scavenger hunts and competitive games.