Charity Team Building

We Can Help You Plan A Unique Charitable Team Building Event

Planning a well thought out charity team building event goes beyond the traditional goals of team bonding activities. Team building activities can be especially meaningful when paired with a corporate social responsibility element that benefits the community or a specific charity, especially if that charity serves the local community where a business is based.

Corporate Social Responsibility: When a business recognizes the need to balance profit with its responsibility to give back to the society they serve. While certainly a good idea whose time has come, it is frequently how today’s consumer is choosing who to buy from.

Team: If the definition of “team” includes “people we care about” then something much more significant starts to form with Charity Team Building. We’re talking about charity events that not only let your team build their own relationships and skills but also help a community organization of your choice. As well as wanting to work on building their own teams, many companies come to Small Group Team Building to reach out to their community and do the same for people in need.

charity team building

Each of our unique, engaging and fun team building events can take on a charitable component. We can tailor the programs to the specific charity chosen by your company.

Small Group Team Building team activities

Giving back has never been this much fun and fulfilling! Our team building activities are designed to enhance communication and create new bonds while helping less fortunate members of your community or those affected by recent tragedies.

Our programs include building activity kits for children, backpacks filled with school supplies, building bicycles, creating essential needs kits for women’s shelters and more.

We partner with the likes of:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • STEM schools
  • children’s’ hospitals
  • and women’s shelters – to name a few.

With Charity Team Building programs your team may be a little bigger and a little better when it’s all over.

If you’re looking to provide your team with an interactive, motivating, and inspiring charity-based program, contact us to discuss how we can assist your team in giving back to the community on your next Charitable Team Building Event!