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Leadership Activities – Why They Matter!

leadership activities

Some leaders are born and some leaders are made but all leaders must grow to remain effective. Think of a leader as the captain of a ship: the captain knows the ship, the captain knows the crew, and the captain knows the water, but if that captain doesn’t know how to navigate or doesn’t cultivate […]

Lessons in Teamwork

While watching a football game this weekend, I heard the announcer talking about a college team whose defense was stellar!  They dominated in almost every phase of the game. This was in stark contrast to the offense which struggled. The announcers went on to discuss previous seasons where just the opposite was true. In the […]


Laughter – It Makes A Good Team Work! We’ve heard the questions, Why do you utilize “play based” activities for team building? Why do you emphasize fun in all of your programs. What is  the benefit to my team to spend a couple of hours laughing.  How does that help my business?  There are many folks, […]