Brain Games – An Executive Team Building Challenge

Challenging, thought-provoking and a mental workout, our Brain Games Team Building event will get your mind humming!  We’ve combined a series of individual puzzles using words, numbers, pictures and mazes. We’ll test your memory, your attention to details and your patience. Perfect for an executive team building exercise or to get a group of managers thinking creatively.

You and your team will work your way through the games, collecting points with every success. Can you see the Magic Eye pictures? Will your team find a way through the (handheld) 3-D Maze? Will, you conquer the Suduko and solve the hidden number puzzles? Each success will make the final MasterMind challenge easier. The first team to complete the final challenge will take home the winners medals.  This executive team building event will showcase the abilities of those who think strategically, logically and creatively.

All of our events start with a unique icebreaker that will have participants connecting on new levels and gaining a new appreciation of their workmates.

Brain Games Team Building challenge is a 2 hours long event and can accommodate groups of 6-100 participants. All of our programs are turn-key and can be facilitated in your office or meeting room. For custom pricing or additional information, please complete the form below.

Want to include a charitable component?  Just ask, we can make this a “give-back” event as well.

Magic Eye Puzzle

Eyeball Bender


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