A Competitive Escape Room Challenge

Arrrr you qualified to be a pirate? Our Cap’n is the best at pillaging and plundering and he’s looking to add to his crew. Only the best and yea brightest need apply. Can your team pass the tests and join his buccaneers?

This escape style event is based on the premise that our pirate captain and his crew have been so successful in their pillaging and plundering that they need to expand their fleet.  That means they need more pirates and are hoping that your group proves to be smart enough to join the crew. Our captain is picky about his crew…not just anyone will do…he will test all potential pirates to see if they are cunning enough to join him.  Solving a series of puzzles and challenges, teams must work together to find individual solutions which lead to the final solution. Great communication and problem solving skills are essential for success. Pirate medals are awarded to the winning team.

We’ve taken the escape room concept out of the “room” and created an adventure that pits teams against each other. We’ve incorporated scurvy dogs, silver chalices, pirate flags, bilge rats and, of course a treasure chest for a total immersion into the game.

For the best team bonding experience in Florida, or the best team bonding experience in Georgia, look no farther than our Pirates! Escape Adventure. Gather your mate’s (staff)  and take the plunge. Participants will use their imagination, deductive reasoning and problem solving skills. Without great communication, you’re bound to fail, and end up in Davy Jones’ Locker!

Pirates! Escape Adventure is a 90-120 minute exercise in team work, communication and leadership. This event is designed for small groups of 6, or more participants and can be facilitated in your office or meeting room. For a custom pricing, or additional information, please complete the form below.


Pirates! An escape adventure.

Map to Treasure


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